Zen and the Art of Self Employment


This past Friday evening I was sitting on the couch in a funk. I had begun the week in a flurry of productivity – reading inspiring business books and coming up with community-oriented marketing plans. But by the final days of the week I was dreading any and all work. I wasn’t excited to wake up in the morning. And I wasn’t getting any work done. Where had all my passion gone? One day I was fired up and ready to immerse myself in all the lessons and experiments of owning my own practice. The next day all I wanted to do was teach myself chords on my ukelele. What happened?




Of course I didn’t spend my Friday learning ukelele. Instead I spent my Friday telling myself that I couldn’t play my ukelele because I had to WORK. But I didn’t actually work. Instead I watched a surprising number of “Parks and Recreation” episodes on Hulu, read the comments sections of several blog articles, and spent precious moments I will never get back scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. Which is how I came across these two blogs that my friend Maureen posted:


 http://zenhabits.net/no-goal/  and http://mnmlist.com/goals/




Both blogs talk about letting go of goal-setting. I’m a big goal-setter and an addictive planner. But though I’ve found a lot of success by being capable of setting goals and following plans, I’ve also found myself in recent years on an achievement treadmill; constantly unsatisfied when I should be celebrating. I can’t enjoy what I’ve accomplished because there’s always another goal ahead. And that’s the thing both of the bloggers point to: goals put you in the future. And if you are trying to control the future you cannot be open to the present and all the possibilities that lie right there in front of you. Which includes being able to feel satisfaction and contentment.

pure contentment


It’s important to me that I feel proud of the work I do each day. But from now on I’m going to be open to what that work needs to be from day-to-day and moment-to-moment. I am keeping a big master to-do list in the back of my journal. And each day I’m creating a smaller reverse to-do list, an “is-done” list. Instead of writing my goals for each day in the morning (and feeling guilty when I’ve had to push something off till tomorrow), I’m writing down all the things I did at the end of the day. . . and then crossing them off! Because I still love that feeling. As I begin to let go of my goal-setting, future-oriented ways, my evening is-done list let’s me see that I am being productive each day, but I’m doing it in a way that follows my passion. And isn’t that what working for yourself is all about?








Welcome clients, friends, and family,

I am Moriah Ella Mason, licensed massage therapist, dancer, and choreographer.  On this site you will be able to find more information about my healing philosophy, my education, the modalities I practice, and my pricing.


After several months search, I am so pleased to announce that I am joining a group of wonderful practitioners at East End Eden Wellness Center. I will be scheduling at this beautiful East Liberty retreat on Sundays and Mondays.  It’s a surprising getaway in the midst of one of Pittsburgh’s most dynamic and rapidly-changing neighborhoods.  You can find maps, directions, and conveniently schedule online at www.eastendedenpgh.com.

I hope to welcome you in my new space soon.

Peace and best wishes,


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